JDS Foods supply the foodservice sector with a range of spreads and margarines to suit every need. Our customers require competitive prices without any compromise of quality and service.

As a result, we have become the supplier of choice to this dynamic sector.


Our spreads are made to suit every need and are available in standard or bulk formats. We can supply premium, standard, value and speciality options.

We also have a special range focused on wellbeing. This includes: products that are low fat, reduced salt and free from hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Our range includes functionality such as: cholesterol lowering and Omega 3.


Our margarines are developed with traditional home baking in mind. They have wonderful baking and creaming properties and are suitable for all cooking, baking and frying applications.

They are made using a blend of vegetable oils and butter flavouring.

Cooking Fats

Our Cooking Fats are made from 100% natural and pure oil, with no artificial additives and are free from Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. Our Frytex brand is the market leader and has been a household name in Ireland for generations!

Renowned for its flavour and frying characteristics, it is perfect for making pastry and ideal for any cooking or frying application.

Premium Garlic Spread

GarlicGold is made to a traditional recipe using freshly crushed cloves of garlic. It is ideal for accompanying steaks and other meats or to garnish a baked potato.

Garlic Gold is great for Garlic Bread and offers an authentic Mediterranean flavour when added to sauces, pasta or potato gratin.